Do Elevators Go to Heaven?

Okay, how many of us have had to create the important, but oh, so intimidating elevator imagespitch for our career or business? If you haven’t you are lucky; it’s a 30 second speech on why your business/product/etc. is something the person would want to know about. I know I have had to do this many times and I strongly dislike the creation and the delivery process!

I am an off the cuff chatter up-er of strangers anywhere…much to my children’s dismay as they tagged along with me in their younger days…”Mom, why do you have to talk to everyone?!“, they would protest. Well, because I like people and secretly I like to surprise strangers by talking to them when they least expect it!

But, recently, at our weekly ChristLife session on Sharing Christ, a dear friend brought up the dreaded concept of the elevator pitch. Only this time it made so much sense!

This week’s session focused on what some of our obstacles and fears are when it comes to sharing our stories about Christ’s presence and love in our lives. When my friend, mentioned the concept of the elevator pitch in relationship to evangelization (ugh, scary and intimidating word!) my dislike of the process vanished. How many times have I been in a situation ripe for sharing the comfort and encouragement of Christ, yet felt totally unprepared?

helpingWhy not create and practice an engaging introduction to roll off my tongue when the moment presents itself? No more stumbling and wondering when a situation arises, I can see it as a weapon against the Devil’s interference play of self-doubt and fear of rejection. All I will have to do is ask the Holy Spirit to push the “start” button on the recording in my brain!

So here is a challenge for you all. Create your mission field “elevator pitch”, your personalized gift to others that could open their hearts to Christ, and share it here. I will be working on mine too!

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