Challenges of Change

1. Change is often uncomfortable and requires a willingness to ‘do things differently’ than what we are accustomed to. The old adage is true that states “If we do the same old things the same old way, we can only expect the same old results.” Change requires willingness on the part of the individual. No one else can change you – the power and control of self necessary for change must come from you – no body else is responsible for your change.
2. Change, learning and growth require honest awareness on the part of the person needing / wanting to change. Effective methods and techniques to achieve your goals is a necessary part of your plan of action. Little change will take place without a plan.
3. New beliefs, thoughts and behaviors have outcomes that are not always predictable. Without taking reasonable risk, change will not take place.
4. Removing unhealthy and unproductive behaviors from your life may leave an initial void in your life. Those habits used up considerable time and energy that may now be available for more productive and healthy thoughts, feelings and activities.
5. Changing life-long belief systems, thoughts, feelings and behaviors takes hard work. There is no magic formula for change. It must come from within – only you can make the necessary changes in your life. No one can do it for you. Nor is anyone else responsible to do it.
6. Unhealthy self defeating behaviors often have an initial benefit which makes it difficult to let go. You must be determined to change.
7. Old thinking habits will attempt to exert themselves upon you. You must take control of what you believe, what you think about, how you feel, and what you do. Be determined to change; be persistent. Above all, never ever give up. If (when) you fall, stand back up and keep going! Never ever give up on your self.
8. Be aware of irrational or distorted thinking habits. If you believe you have none, think again. It is those very habits that need to change.
9. Significant people in your life may be resistant to your positive changes for a variety of reasons. Change anyway. It is your life (and probably theirs) that will be positively affected.
10. Be honest with yourself – always. Self deception is your enemy. Many times a person doesn’t want to see what needs to change – so they don’t. Change will not happen unless you are brutally honest with yourself.

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